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Bread Finance
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Businesses worldwide are finding themselves in need of a solution that helps build stronger consumer connections, power sales, and improve brand loyalty without sacrificing their bottom line. In fact, according to Bread Finance research, 86% of businesses claim that providing financing solutions helps them create loyal customers. And 80% say it helps them increase sales, and 69% say it improves overall brand loyalty. In today’s competitive retail environment, adding value like this can help you gain an edge over your competitors.

What is Bread Finance?

Bread Finance is a payment option for small businesses in which consumers can pay off purchases over time. This creates a strong connection between small businesses and customers, powers sales, and boosts brand loyalty. The number of retailers on board is rapidly growing, with over 40% growth in new merchants each month. Small businesses have always been a cornerstone of our economy. They help local communities thrive and power our everyday lives. Whether going to a neighborhood restaurant or stopping by your favorite florist on your way home from work. But lately, these businesses have faced an uphill battle to survive.

A downturn in consumer spending due to high unemployment and rising business costs has made it more difficult for small business owners to make ends meet and keep their doors open. Because of these economic challenges, many businesses may turn away customers who can pay with a credit card and no longer take personal checks. This limits growth opportunities for small businesses because they can’t collect payment upfront if consumers buy items that need to be paid off over time. In other words, most things we buy today. The result is decreased sales, less income, and limited ability to grow into new markets or products.

How does Bread Finance Work?

We’re often asked how Bread Finance works. It’s a fair question. The idea of selling people more than they can afford on a credit card may seem crazy to some. But it is a reality of modern-day retail that we address head-on with every merchant we work with. Our online application process allows customers to get a clear understanding of how much they can afford. It allows them to feel confident in their purchase decision. Once you make your purchase, you have 30 days to pay it off without incurring interest fees. No other company offers more flexibility in doing so.

A basic understanding of business financing isn’t required to sell with Bread Finance. The Bread network of approved merchants handles all aspects of your financing program. From application and approval to payment tracking and collection. With intelligent data solutions, you can easily track how much is owed by each customer so that you never lose track of those falling behind on their payments. The number one reason why people don’t buy on credit cards is that they fear getting in over their heads. If buyers feel confident in their purchase decisions, they will be more likely to shop at your store again and even tell others about it, both significant factors driving sales.

Does Bread Finance make a Hard Inquiry?

Sure, they will make a hard inquiry on your credit. But according to bread’s website, When you apply with bread, we’ll check your credit and make sure you meet our standards. If so, we’ll run a soft inquiry that won’t affect your credit score. That means no one else sees it because all of these checks are done internally by Bread Finance no one else even knows you’re applying. When you’re approved, they place an application on file with TransUnion. So, if someone else pulls your report from Trans Union in between when you applied and got approved for a different card down the road, it won’t trigger another hard inquiry.

I don’t know much about bread. Their website is a little barebone; they haven’t been around that long, and I didn’t see many reviews on them. The one thing that stuck out to me was an app review on iTunes, which claimed that Unique Finance would make a hard inquiry on your credit when you apply for their card. Of course, if that’s true and you’re looking for any reason not to get their card, then you’ll have one. However, it doesn’t seem like something worth worrying about since it’s also stated in their Bread finance.

Benefits of Bread Finance

Bread Finance is a great way to get the financial benefits of owning a bread company without running one. With Bread Finance, you can get all the profits from selling bread without dealing with the cost of ingredients, baking, or marketing. All you need to do is invest in a bread company and let them do the work for you.

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