Unique Finance

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Unique Finance Ltd offers banking services to all people, firms, industries, corporations of the society. It offers financing services such as accounts for personal and corporate use, credit cards, and loans to business owners and consumers alike.

Products Offered

They offer various products and services like loans, accounts, etc. Unique Finance Ltd has always emerged as one of its kind when it comes to providing financial services as they have started its operation with just one motive in mind that is to spread financial awareness among people, especially youngsters. Thus, we have been in service for a long time and no matter how small or big is AMD Yahoo Finance your requirement is we provide you with the best financing solutions under a single roof.  There are a variety of financing options that are offered by us that you can choose as per your requirement.

However, if you want to get the best out of these financing services then go for home loans and credit cards. We ensure you provide affordable prices on all our products so that maximum people can benefit from it. We have also started an online financial service scheme that allows customers to complete their requirements with a few easy steps just like one-time registration. This Unique Finance Ltd is thus working hard so that people from every corner of the country can avail of our best services with ease.

Special Facilities

It has special facilities such as an online account opening facility, a customer care desk with round-the-clock accessibility, easy loan processing, and flexible repayment options. Unique Finance extends finance ranging from a few thousand shillings to several million shillings depending on the income and credit profile of an individual/ firm.

 The financial services it offers include; Debt consolidation, Personal loans, Mortgages, Home improvement, Business Loans, and Farm financing. These are all products that can be customized to suit clients’ specific needs. For example, Unique Finance has a special loan product named Easy Loan which is specifically for people with no credit history.

In addition to its main offering of personal finance private and business, it also provides asset-based financing to firms. Asset-based financing is a type of short-term loan that is secured against assets rather than being based on debt repayment alone. The loan amount available Unique Finance depends on the value of your company’s assets such as equipment or machinery and is an alternative to a bank overdraft or merchant cash advance.

Fixed Deposit/FD Rates

As per Review, Fixed Deposit interest rates offered by Unique Finance are pretty low compared to other banks. FD from UF is not suitable for someone looking for better returns on their money. The return offered is around 4% which is slightly less than what other banks offer. If you are looking for high returns on your Fixed Deposits then go with some other bank else go with UF if you want the safety of FD.

 It is not advisable to park all your money with UF just for interest rates. You can take a look at some other banks as well. Many banks offer great interest rates on FDs ranging from 6% to 8%. Banks such as ICICI, Axis Bank, HDFC, etc also have much higher returns on their Fixed Deposits compared. As per Unique Finance Review, there are 2 main reasons why you should consider depositing your money in some other bank rather than UF Firstly UF FD rates are low and secondly, it doesn’t have many branches spread across India.  

As per Unique Finance Review, if you want to park your money with them then they have an added advantage that they do not have any late fees on their Fixed Deposits. Most banks will charge you a hefty amount for delaying your payment by even a few days. So, it’s good from UF’s side but not that great from the customer’s side as most banks offer better rates and also do not charge any late fees so why would anyone want to go.

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