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YI IoT App
YI IoT App
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For everyone in this world, security is the top priority. The advent of home security technology has made it simpler for all homeowners to keep an eye on their homes and ensure it’s safe when they’re not around. Yi Technology is one of the top home security device suppliers. Yi Technology has been offering high-quality security cameras for many years. They also launched YI IoT on PC. This application allows users to connect the Yi security camera to the PC for surveillance purposes. This article will cover all the essential information about the Yi IoT app on PC that we need to know.

What is the YI IoT for PCs?

YI IoT Camera App for PC is a program that lets you manage and control the performance of your Yi security cameras from your computer. You can manage your cameras easily and efficiently with its user-friendly interface. With the YI IoT Camera App, you can see live footage or playback video footage and alter camera settings, and other features.

YI IoT camera application is a mobile app for free that is mainly used by users to remotely check the performance of their YI IoT camera. Through this app, you can see live video feeds, browse the camera’s history of recording, get alerts, and set camera settings. The YI IoT camera app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

But, some people prefer watching footage from cameras using a larger screen, like laptops or computers. It is now possible to download YI IoT’s camera software on your PC for an additional screen to see your home’s surroundings.

Benefits of Using the YI IoT Camera App for PC:

Here are a few advantages that come with using a YI Iot camera on your PCs:

Better view: Observing footage from cameras through a larger screen gives you more space to look out over your surroundings as well as inside.

Simple for users to utilize: The application is simple to install and use, which makes it an ideal option for people who are just starting.

Customization: You can alter the camera’s settings according to your personal preferences.

Remote access: You can view your camera remotely in any place around the globe provided you’re connected to the internet.

Cost-effective: The application can be downloaded for free and installed, making it an economical solution for monitoring security cameras.

Features of the YI IoT App for PC:

YI IoT Camera Application for PC includes a variety of features that makes it simple to control and manage your YI camera security. Below are the most important characteristics that are available in the Yi Camera app:

Live View: 

Using Live View in the YI IoT Camera Application for PC, you can stream live footage taken by YI security cameras from your computer.


This program can also allow you to playback footage recorded by your cameras.


YI Iot App will send real-time notifications to your computer whenever motion is detected which allows you to take immediate action in response.

Two-Way Audio: 

The app also supports a two-way audio feature. You can talk to people who are on the other side from the lens.

Multi Cameras: 

This app can support multiple cameras and allows you to watch different areas of your house at the same time.

Cloud Storage:

The app can support cloud storage, making it simple to store and access your video anytime, from any device.

Is the Yi IoT App Safe?

The safety and security of an app are important considerations for users, and it’s crucial to assess any concerns raised regarding privacy and data security. Before granting access to your personal information, it is crucial to carefully examine and comprehend the permissions that an app is asking for. 

If the Yi Home Android App is reported to have raised security and privacy concerns, such as accessing contact lists and potentially uploading them to their servers, it’s important to exercise caution. To make an informed decision about using the Yi IoT app or any other app, I recommend considering the following steps:


Conduct independent research to gather information about the app’s security practices, user reviews, and any reported security issues or privacy concerns.


Carefully review the app’s permissions before installation. Make sure that the app’s intended functionality is in line with the permissions requested and evaluate whether granting those permissions is essential for its correct functioning.

Security Measures: 

Check if the app offers encryption for data transmission, uses secure protocols, and has implemented measures to protect user privacy. Search for characteristics such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, which can improve security.

Updates and Reviews: 

Keeping the app up-to-date with the latest version is crucial for securing your device. Developers regularly issue updates to fix security weaknesses. Moreover, it is recommended to check for user reviews and feedback regularly to assess the app’s security and privacy based on other users’ experiences.

Personal Discretion: 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the app’s benefits outweigh any potential security risks. Consider alternative apps that prioritize privacy and security if you have concerns about the Yi IoT app.