WSO Investment Banking

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Banks and financial institutions are among the most in demand employers on Wall Street. Entry level positions can be challenging to find, especially if you don’t know where to look, but they’re worth the hunt once you get them. The salaries are good, and it’s easier to move up the ladder than with some other industries, making it easy to justify getting into WSO Investment Banking or finance in the first place.

What do Investment Bankers do WSO?

We’re about to dive into an extremely dense, but important topic for anyone looking to get into WSO Investment Banking. Before we can discuss what investment bankers do, we need to take a step back and TD Cross Border Banking Number understand how banks make money in general. From there, we can move on to understanding how each department within banks makes money and why you might be attractive to them as a candidate. Borrowers and Lenders Banks play an intermediary role between lenders and borrowers. This involves working with both parties to ensure that they are getting value out of their transactions. For borrowers, banks help find funding that they need to grow their businesses or fund expenses. They typically receive a small cut of each loan and fees based on transactions. For example, if a bank makes a loan to fund an acquisition and closes on it in one year, they will likely receive interest payments over that period. In addition, a deal can involve millions of dollars worth of fees. If you’re part of an M&A team and help close on $10 billion in deals per year, you’ll get paid quite well for your work. On top of salaries and bonuses, there are also employee perks that can come with larger institutions.

How much do Investment Bankers Make WSO?

It is estimated that an investment banker can make about $250,000 – $300,000 for their first few years of work. The average salary for an IB associate is between $150K-$200K however, as a veteran in your industry you can potentially double that figure. According to the WSO Company Database firms in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, management consulting firms, hedge funds, WSO Investment Banking are great options to join at entry level and pay mid-level salaries. Most people do not come out of undergraduate school already earning over $100k and if they do it’s because they were able to leverage internships at top banks or highly selective schools.  However, if you do decide to go into IB it will greatly improve your chances of gaining employment at one of these top firms as many are looking for alums from schools like Wharton, Stanford, Booth, and Harvard. For that reason alone, I’d consider putting banking on your resume even if you don’t plan on staying in it for more than a few years. Going into IB is also a great way to learn about how large corporations operate and prepare yourself for any future entrepreneurial endeavors that might require you to deal with big companies or investors. Regardless of whether or not you want to stay in banking post MBA, you should view it as an asset while looking for jobs later down the road.

The Benefit of WSO Investment Banking in Future

WSO has more than 1500 companies that are leading in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, management consulting firms, and hedge funds. These companies can help you to improve your resume. The WSO Investment Banking is a great source of internship and full time job opportunities. You can easily connect with recruiters of these big companies by creating a CV on WSO Resume Database or joining the Wall Street Oasis Career Advisory Board. Through the WSO CAB program, you can get direct interview calls from top tier investment banks like Goldman Sachs. Another important benefit of having a high rep on the WSO Resume Database is that it increases your chance of getting selected for recruiting events organized by these investment banks/private equity firms. WSO Career Advisory Board is an open community for all WSO members who are serious about their careers. You will be able to ask questions related to resume building, interview preparation, and career planning. Also, you can get advice from some of the top WSO Investment Banking in CAB through Q&A sessions. Over time, you’ll also have a chance to build relationships with other users on Wall Street Oasis and potential future colleague’s employers through events like career fairs that might take place on Wall Street Oasis in the future.

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