What is a Certified Check? And How to Verify a Certified Cheque?

What is a Certified Check
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What is a Certified Check

A certified check is a cheque, in which the cashier verifies the funds of the account holder. The cashier verifies the funds with the amount written on the cheque. Signature is also confirmed it must be the same as on bank documents.

The bank will treat the person according to the funds available in his account. The signature must be genuine as on papers.

For certified check two things are significant. One is the check writer must have the balance. The other is that the signature must be the same as on papers.

How do I get a Certified Bank Check? And How to verify a certified check.

There some points mentioned below which describes how to get a certified check. It is very much essential to follow the below instruction as explained.

These points below will help you to get a certified check without any difficulty.

  • You have to visit your bank.
  • The checks condition is excellent, no torn or washed.
  • The signature is perfect as on the bank documents.
  • The account holder’s account is active.
  • The funds must be available in the account.
  • Must inform the cashier that you want a certified check.
  • You must have your ID with there can be a need for it.
  • The check should be written in front of the teller.
  • Wait till the teller verifies the funds and stamp the check.

Why the need for a Certified Check?

This is a necessary form of payment, lending credibility to the check issuer. It provides reassurance to the check recipient that the cash will clear.

It is primarily used in significant financial transactions when you don’t want to keep the cash. In a large amount, the regular personal cheque may not be feasible.

Hence certified checks are beneficial for massive payments too.

You can use the check for massive payments and can get rid of an enormous amount of cash.

  1. You can use a certified cheque while buying a new home.
  2. For the payment of rental apartments.
  3. This will be the best choice also for setting up the business. Because in a business a large sum of money is required.

Example of a  Certified Cheque:

certified check example

Now, this check is further processed by the bank by signing it and to put a stamp on it. Or the bank representatives can add any remarks regarding the validity of the check etc. if it is required.

The account holder must make it clear that there should be bank stamp on the cheque.

Why are certified cheques so critical in large-payment situations?                                     

Suppose if an individual agrees to purchase a second-hand truck from a seller, for a price of $20,000. A certified check for that amount assures that the payment is valid.

A certified cheque is a guarantee that your money is safe. Certified checks are anyhow better than personal checks.

How to Get a Certified Check

You have to visit the nearest bank, where the bank representative will verify are the funds available or not. If you have sufficient funds, just fill the requirement form given to you by the cashier.

After fulfilling the banks’ necessary requirements, you can ask the cashier to provide you with the certified check.

The certified cheque is a normal check as it is presented to the cashier.

After completing some important processes, the cashier will convert it into a certified cheque.

Certified Check vs. Cashier’s Check:

The cashier’s check is a check which is verified by the bank, verification of funds etc. is required. And the certified check is used for enormous amounts to be cashed.

But in cashier’s check, you pay the bank either by funds or the amount is deducted from your account. The funds are later paid to the payee’s account.

But the important thing is that both cashiers and certified checks are guaranteed funds. There is no fraud or anything like that.

Certified checks and cashier’s checks are similar (both represent guaranteed financial payments).

What are a Certified Funds Cheques?

The Certified Funds Check is a check; to verify the account holder’s funds availability. The amount in the check and in the account is verified simultaneously.

One thing is funds verification, and the second is signature. If both things meet exactly than this will be called a certified funds check.

This check is very useful while paying for any appliance or for any home improvements. It is difficult to carry such a big amount with you, so it’s better to write a check as verified by the bank.

And the person getting the check will also be satisfied that his payment is safe.

This is actually a form of guarantee that the payment is safe.

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