Temporary internet when moving house in UK

Temporary internet when moving house
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If you move your place of residence, you always have to make a number of re-registrations. The same goes for the internet connection. There may be temporary waiting times or failures without supply. Anyone who wants or even has to avoid being offline (e.g. self-employed people working from home) can now find a number of inexpensive interim solutions. We show what is possible, how much it costs and where you can get these accesses.

Temporary internet when moving house

Moving: There are two scenarios for your internet connection

Most consumers today use either a high-performance VDSL connection, cable Internet or, if necessary, the old DSL at home. In some cases, modern FTTH (fiber optic internet) is already being used. If you are about to change your place of residence, you should inform your provider a good 3-4 weeks before the move .

Then there are two possible answers or consequences. a) The provider can provide the contract at the new place of residence under the same conditions (speed, type of connection). b) This is not possible for technical reasons, for example because the network has not yet been expanded there. In this case, consumers can assert a special right of termination according to Section 46 (8) of the Telecommunications Act. With a notice period of 3 months to the end of the month. But then there is even a change of provider.

In both cases , there can be a more or less long period without internet and landline . After all, technician appointments have to be coordinated, lines switched and much more. You can take your temporary internet when moving house in affordable price .

Wireless internet as a transition

The solution to avoid any outages is Internet via 4G or 5G. The former is now available almost nationwide and in some cases offers even higher speeds than VDSL or cable.

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