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Soge Coin
Soge Coin
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SOGE last reported price was $0.00000000698 with a market cap of unknown. 24-hour volume for SOGE is currently unknown, however, over the past couple of days it has been traded on 2 different exchanges with its highest value trading pair being . SOGE’s all-time high was $0.0000003875.

About Soge Coin

The Soge coin was launched in the year 2013, October. It can be used to trade items in the virtual environment of the game world. The Soge coin is named after the company that created the game that the coin is used for, Soge studio. The company was founded by James Simmonds. The company also operates the massive gaming forum, Reddit. The company is registered in the Cook Islands. The company has an agreement with Microsoft to use the Microsoft Azure cloud service. The Soge coin was originally named as SogeCash. It was later renamed to SogeCore

The main objective of the new company is to become a well-known blockchain services company. Their team is made up of well-experienced developers who have been working on blockchain projects such as TEU tokens and ARDS tokens.
Products developed by the company are based on NEO blockchain. The company is currently working on a web-based wallet called NE Wallet. The NEO Wallet is an open source wallet that is also available on GitHub.

Soge Coin Market Cap

Soge Coin Market Cap

SOGE Coin is the world most popular crypto currency after bitcoin which can be used as a real money buying online games, online shopping , buying in shops, paying bills, buying mobile credits and many others. The value of SOGECoin has been increasing with commendable speed. It’s very hard to predict the future of any crypto currency, but with the kind of progress that the Soge coin team has been making, it won’t be long before this coin reaches the top 20 in the market cap list.

This is a platform for crypto trading more than 300 crypto currency with major trading pairs like ETH, BTC, LTC, USDT, FUN, DCR, VUC, PPC, DOGE, NZL, KNC and more cryptocurrency will be added soon, Here you can trade with the available crypto pairs on Soge coin (SOEX) market and the system will not charge any fees for trading. As soon as you register and confirm your account, your balance will be credited with 1000 Soge coins that you can use to trade on Soge coin


What Is Soge Token?

SOGE will be used to buy tokens in the marketplace, lotto, airdrop and also to buy advertising on the platform. SOGE is a token that will be used to celebrate space exploration. The team tokens will be used to set up various partners with observatories in high altitude locations. These observatories will be used to produce some beautiful custom NFTs – essentially space-themed tokenized images of the night sky created by people who cannot go into outer space themselves!

Which Crypto To Buy Today?

Which crypto should you invest in today? This is a common question that many people ask and it’s not an easy one to answer. There are so many cryptocurrencies out there and new ones are being created all the time, but how do you find the right one? The crypto markets are red hot at the moment and everyone is talking about them. Bitcoin’s price is pushing $10,000, Ethereum is pushing the $1000 mark and the market is more than double the size of just a few months ago. The crypto community is buzzing with news and rumors of which crypto you should buy today. Here’s our take on the crypto markets at the moment.

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