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The logo itself and the SafeMoon brand are two different things, which leads to confusion amongst some people. The logo is the graphic representation of our business name, it’s not an acronym as some people believe it. That said, the SafeMoon Logo represents our business and that’s where we get confused (and occasionally even misquoted.

The Safemoon Logo

The company represents our company’s name and is intended to be seen by you in print, as well as on various electronic displays. The SafeMoon Logo should always be reproduced using a one-color background of transparent pixels, with black text. This pixel transparency ensures that when our logo is used on white or light-colored backgrounds, it is visible, legible like Bingus and free from distortion. Use of any other color for its background is prohibited, except for those provided below

 The brand should be reproduced in its entirety, without alteration of any kind. It should not be reduced or expanded in size or resolution, and it should never appear as a cut-out, reversed out, or used as an element of another design. The SafeMoon Logo may never be superimposed over another graphic image for use on product packaging, advertising, or other promotional materials.

When using our logo in electronic material, make sure that you keep sufficient white space around it to prevent distortion.  Please ensure that our SafeMoon Logo remains legible and recognizable, without any interference. Proper reproduction and usage of our logo are subject to trademark laws in your country, and failure to comply may result in fines or loss of legal protection for both you and SafeMoon. For more information on using our company logo, please consult with your marketing department or an intellectual property attorney.

Our Brand

Our SafeMoon Logo can be seen by clicking on our website. It is very important that you do not edit, change, distort, recolor or reconfigure it in any way whatsoever. This logo is protected by intellectual property rights and you must use it in its original form which means you must not alter it in any way nor merge it with other graphic elements or texts. You may adjust its size to fit your needs as long as such a change maintains its proportions and retains legibility.  The SafeMoon Logo is a graphic symbol that represents our company and products.

This logo cannot be used by you in any way or modified to represent your own business unless prior permission has been obtained from us in writing. If you use it as part of some other text or graphic element, there must always be a clear reference to our business and products. You may not incorporate it into another SafeMoon Logo or trademark. The image of our logo is available on our website if you need it for design purposes. If you are using an image from other sources, make sure that these images come from reputable and reliable providers who have the right to distribute them without any limitations whatsoever.

Is SafeMoon on Coinbase?

The SafeMoon Logo is registered with CoinBase, making us compliant for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. We hope to expand our business to many other cryptocurrency exchanges and their users soon. Our team has worked hard at design and web development since day one in 2013 to make sure we are ready for all platforms including mobile, tablet, desktop, and big-screen televisions.

This foundation built from our experiences in e-commerce will help us continue innovating with SafeMoon Logo and providing superior customer service when it comes to using cryptocurrency. Why do we have a Moon? Well, that is easy, it means anyone can benefit from crypto by simply acquiring what they know money to gain wealth through purchasing digital currency! If you own bitcoin or Ethereum chances are there you already hold enough cryptocurrency that counts! Safemoon is committed to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. We have begun to obtain several licensing and registrations with nationwide businesses and law enforcement agencies to keep our coins safe and out of harm’s way. You can rest assured that your money is being held by a team that is driven by mission, vision, purpose, and passion!

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