What Is R2Park And How Does It Work

R2Park Logo
R2Park Logo
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R2Park is a cloud-based software designed for real-time registration access management and parking enforcement. It serves as a unified platform catering to the needs of managers, security personnel, and other staff members within a company. By utilizing R2Park, these individuals can efficiently handle various aspects of their business operations. The software provides a centralized solution for managing registrations, controlling access, and enforcing parking regulations, thereby streamlining the overall workflow and enhancing operational efficiency.

R2Park offers a digital solution for employers, property owners, event promoters, and the general public to effectively manage off-street parking. With the convenience of creating an account and marking desired parking locations in advance, users can easily plan their parking needs before events or special occasions. On-site, real-time information is accessible through smartphones during the registration process.

Enhanced Security:

R2Park goes beyond parking management and provides several security benefits. For instance, the system enables the identification of suspicious drivers upon arrival and parking. It also allows the flagging of previously registered guests, among other security features.

Parking Efficiency:

For parking enforcers, R2Park facilitates the review of guests’ current status and the monetization of registration time. If a vehicle is not found at its designated spot according to the registration record, its whereabouts can be determined. Guests themselves can also check their records and view recent transactions for added convenience.

Flexible Registration Customization:

R2Park offers customization options for registrants, including the type of registration and the vehicles they are driving. Moreover, users can upload custom fields to accommodate specific requirements. In cases where multiple guests in an office have similar cars, registration pictures can be modified to display each other’s registrations.

R2 Parking
R2 Parking

Why You Should Use R2Park?

R2Park offers a compelling solution for parking management and security through its innovative mobile technology. By providing real-time and live parking registration, R2Park revolutionizes the way parking operations are managed. The system allows parking management and security teams to have round-the-clock access to a comprehensive database of registered guests, enabling them to efficiently monitor and track parking activities.

With R2Park, parking management can easily identify and verify the presence of registered guests in the lobby while they are still on-site. This feature enhances security measures and streamlines the check-in process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both guests and staff.

Furthermore, R2Park provides detailed information about the vehicles used by registered guests, including license plates, registration numbers, and GPS locations. This enables parking management to effectively monitor parking spaces and optimize utilization. The ability to track vehicles in real-time enhances overall security and facilitates efficient traffic management within parking facilities.

Where Can I Use R2Park?

You can use r2park anywhere as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection available. Here are some examples of places where you can use the r2park service:

Stadiums: When attending a sports event or concert at a stadium, you can use r2park to find registered parking spaces nearby, eliminating the need to search for parking and potentially deal with parking tickets.

Airports: r2park can be used at airports to help you locate registered parking spots, making it more convenient for travelers to find a parking space and avoid unnecessary fines.

Stores: Whether you’re going shopping at a mall or visiting a local store, r2park can assist you in finding available parking spaces nearby, ensuring a smoother parking experience.

Restaurants: When dining out, r2park can help you locate registered parking spots near restaurants, saving you time and effort in searching for parking options.

Public places: r2park is designed to work in various public places with public access points. This includes parks, recreational areas, entertainment venues, and more, allowing you to find registered parking spaces conveniently.