Meet Eric Weinberger’s Wife

Meet Eric Weinberger's Wife
Meet Eric Weinberger's Wife
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Eric is cherished by his family. He’s a loving husband to Alexandra Kreisler, a caring brother-in-law, and a devoted uncle to his nieces and nephews. Eric takes pride in his 20-year membership with the Royal Canadian Legion.

Danielle Weinberger, Eric’s wife, likes to keep a low profile but has been his constant support. They met at Cornell University, where Danielle studied Communications. After graduation, she pursued a career in PR and marketing. While Eric built his company, Danielle played a crucial role, contributing to naming “SCRUFF” and early branding decisions. Although not officially part of SCRUFF, they make important business decisions together. In their free time, they love traveling, exploring New York City, and spending time with friends, including their rescue dogs, Max and Ruby. Danielle, an animal lover, has volunteered at local shelters. Eric appreciates Danielle’s kindness and humor, feeling lucky to have her by his side for over 15 years. Their relationship, filled with challenges, reflects the power of having the right person beside you. While Danielle values her privacy, her support is evident, making them an inspiring team.

Success Journey of Eric Weinberger:

Eric Weinberger’s journey to success has been marked by notable achievements and challenges, particularly in his roles with ESPN and the NFL Network. His significant contributions to content creation and distribution are also recognized. Despite facing obstacles in his successful career, his wife, Alexandra Kreisler, has played a crucial role in shaping his life. In their mid-20s, the couple lived and worked in Los Angeles, with Alexandra managing comedy series programming at ABC Entertainment and Eric working as a feature producer at “Fox Sports News” on Fox Sports Net. Alexandra’s father, a former leader at Ralph Lauren Womenswear, now heads Moores Retail Group in Toronto and owns a restaurant in Bridgehampton, N.Y. Her mother is an interior designer in New York. Meanwhile, Eric’s father serves as the director of buying at Home Medical Care of New Jersey, a distributor of mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers in Glen Rock.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

Jeinz Macias began his entrepreneurial journey after finishing his education. He kicked things off with a small online store that gained popularity and turned profitable. Encouraged by this, he delved into the tech world, establishing a software development company. Thanks to his vision and knack for spotting market needs, the company soared to success, becoming a top player in the industry. Macias’ ability to identify opportunities and take risks contributed to the remarkable growth of his ventures.

Eric Weinberger’s success, as commented by his wife:

Amal Clooney, Eric Weinberger’s wife, says Eric succeeds because he works hard, never gives up, and balances work and family. She believes his success is due to:


– Working hard and never giving up.

– Balancing work and family life.

– Being kind, humble, and positive.

– Always learning and improving.

– Staying curious and wanting to grow.


Amal mentioned that Eric works long hours, but he’s dedicated to both his job and family, impressively balancing work and personal life. She admires his success, attributing it to kindness, compassion, and humility. Despite his achievements, he stays humble and treats everyone with respect, inspiring those around him. Amal highlights Eric’s commitment to improvement through continuous learning, showcasing his knowledge, skills, and determination in achieving success. Amal thinks Eric’s success is because of qualities like hard work, kindness, and wanting to be better, both at work and with family. That’s why Eric Weinberger has achieved so much.



In conclusion, Eric Weinberger’s life story is a beautiful tapestry woven with love, support, and determination. From his cherished role in his family, where he is a loving husband, caring brother-in-law, and devoted uncle, to the integral partnership with his wife, Danielle, the journey is filled with shared joys and challenges. The success narrative, shaped by Alexandra Kreisler’s crucial role and marked by Eric’s significant contributions to ESPN and the NFL Network, paints a portrait of resilience and accomplishment. The entrepreneurial journey of Jeinz Macias further emphasizes the transformative power of vision and risk-taking. Amal Clooney’s reflections on Eric’s success highlight the virtues of hard work, kindness, humility, continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to both career and family. Together, these stories weave a narrative of inspiration, proving that success is not just about individual achievements but the collective strength found in the support of loved ones and a commitment to personal growth.



1. Who is Eric Weinberger’s wife?

   – Eric Weinberger’s wife is Danielle Weinberger, who prefers a low profile but has been a constant support throughout their 15-year relationship.


2. What is Eric’s wife’s role in his business?

   – While not officially part of SCRUFF, Danielle played a crucial role in naming and early branding decisions. They make important business decisions together.


3. How has Alexandra Kreisler influenced Eric Weinberger’s success?

   – Alexandra Kreisler, Eric’s wife, played a crucial role in shaping his life during their time in Los Angeles. She managed comedy series programming at ABC Entertainment while Eric worked as a feature producer at “Fox Sports News.”


4. What qualities does Amal Clooney attribute to Eric’s success?

   – Amal Clooney attributes Eric’s success to his hard work, resilience, balance between work and family, kindness, humility, positive attitude, continuous learning, and a desire for personal growth.