How to Write a Void Cheque-Step By Step 

How to Write a Void Cheque
How to Write a Void Cheque
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Void checks are basically those checks which are used to pay bills. So, how to write a Void cheque; the word VOID is written on the check, and this cannot be used for payment or cash. This check will provide the information necessary to bill payment. Void cheques can be used for any type of bill. The void check cannot be used for cash or amount; the payment will be deducted automatically from the account.

How to Write a Void Cheque

For Voiding a cheque, you must write the word VOID with capital letters on it so that it can be seen that the cheque is void; the words must be tall and wide. Make sure that the numbers written below on the check must not be covered as they contain important information regarding the account. A void check cannot be encashed but can help in electronic payment.

How to Void a Check:

The following are different ways to write a Void Check written and explained in detail below.

    1. Write “VOID” across the payee line:

Write “VOID” across the payee line

The word VOID can be written in many places in check. In Payee line usually, the name of the person is written to whom you are writing a check so write the word “VOID” over it and write the word VOID in such a way that it is written clearly and the bank representative can read it clearly, as shown in the picture attached below.

     2. Write “VOID” in the payment amount box:

Write VOID in the payment amount box

The word void can also be written in the payment amount box if you have not written the amount, but if you had written the amount no problem, write the word VOID over it clearly, the check will be a “Void” check.

    3. Write “VOID” in the signature box:

Write VOID in the signature box                                                             

How to write a Void check in the signature box; As mentioned earlier that the word Void can also be written on the right-hand corner where the word signature is written if the person had signed the check already y write the word VOID in capital over it, the check will be a VOID check.

  4. Record the voided cheque :

                                Record the voided cheque                

It is vital to maintain the record of void checks you may write it on a separate register or your checkbook, it is imperative to keep the history of void checks as later on you are in need in case of the check are misplaced. This will help in maintaining clear financial records and also helps in any later confusion. While giving a Void check it is essential the reason for the check for what purpose you are writing the check so that you can later remember through the record maintained.

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