How to Write a Check Less Than a Dollar -Tips to write cheque in cents

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How to write a check less than a dollar, it’s very simple by just writing zero in start it shows that there is the amount in the dollar and then you may write the cents. You can write it as 0.85 which means 0 dollar and 85 cents but you must remember one thing that to write a check for an amount less than a dollar you must cut the dollar sign printed on the check. It will make sure that your check is not in dollars and is in cents only.

how to write a check less then a dollor

How to Write Cents on a Check?

When writing a check less than a dollar, you must keep in mind to separate both amounts dollar and cents by a decimal in between them which will make clear that how much a dollar and cents are written on the check and the decimal in between the words must be written clearly.It is symbolized with the letter “c” in small.

More Example of writing Cheque for Cents:

On some occasions, you may get a need to write a check for less than a dollar. So the easiest way to write a check for less than a dollar is that add the word only with it. So to write cents it will be written as “only 55 cents”. Draw a line on the dollar sign so that it makes sure that the amount is only in cents.

Money amount up to 99 cents will be considered in cents and the symbol used will be of cent then it will be not a dollar,  but if its 100 cents it will not be written as 100 cents then it will be written as One dollar and the symbol of the dollar will be used.

Cent is used in many national currencies and is symbolized by letter “c” in the minuscule letter. Centum is a Latin word from which the word cent is derived which means a hundred.

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