How to Unwrap Weth

How to Unwrap Weth
How to Unwrap Weth
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How to Unwrap Weth? The Wrapped Ethereum Token is an ERC20 token that allows users to trade ETH for another ERC20 token, without going through an exchange that supports the token you want to receive. To illustrate how works, let’s say you want to trade ETH for REP, which isn’t supported by any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Unwrap Your Weth

When you’re trading a crypto-to-crypto pair on ShapeShift, your transaction is usually completed within seconds. If you need Ether, though, then things can get a Weth Value little more complicated. On some exchanges like Coinbase or Poloniex, you have to go through additional steps before you can claim your Ether the currency of Ethereum. The good news is that there’s an easy way around it Unwrapping Your Eth from a specific type of smart contract called a Wrapped Ether token, or for short.  The best way to explain how unwrapping works is by using an example.

Let’s say you have 1 ETH that you want to trade for BTC, but it’s stored in your Coinbase account. You decide on ShapeShift as your desired trading platform because it allows instant trading and promises lower fees than Coinbase does. That means converting your 1 ETH from Coinbase into a type of smart contract called a Wrapped Ether token. Now that your ETH is in form, you can use it on ShapeShift and after executing that trade, you can simply Unwrap Weth and claim your 1 ETH!

Unwrap Weth in Your Wallet

If you’re a developer, you may want to Unwrap Your Weth to interact with your smart contract. To do so, select Unwrap from your wallet screen. You will then see a confirmation screen that allows you to enter an amount of ETH and then confirm it. Once confirmed, you will have converted all of your into ETH! To put it another way, If you had 100 and entered 50 ETH as a conversion amount, you would end up with 150 ETH after unwrapping. For more detailed instructions on how to use certain DAI tokens, we recommend checking out Guides for Decentralized Exchanges.

 Decentralized exchanges are becoming more and more popular in 2018, and there are several different approaches that different platforms take. The team has recently released a fantastic explainer video on how these exchanges work, which we recommend checking out if you’re looking for more details. One thing that you may want to do is Unwrap Your Weth and then use it as ethereum based collateral for decentralized exchanges. For Decentralized Exchanges Third Paragraph: On decentralized exchanges like IDEX or ForkDelta, some users hold their tokens in their wallets instead of using them as collateral. This means that they’re using another token as collateral instead of tokens.


In your wallet, you can wrap your Ether up as an ERC20 token called. This allows you to send ETH from exchanges that don’t support ETH directly. However, when you want to use your wrapped ETH, you’ll need to unwrap it first by clicking on the Unwrap option in MetaMask. Here are two ways you can Unwrap Your Weth. There are two ways you can unwrap it. If you want to spend your ETH or ERC20 tokens immediately, click Unwrap and Send on MetaMask. This will send your ERC20 tokens back to an Ethereum address from which they came, which is useful if you’re sending them back to exchange.

There are two ways you can Unwrap Your Weth Second Paragraph. You can also save your ERC20 tokens for later use by clicking Spend from Cold Storage on MetaMask. By saving your ERC20 tokens in cold storage, you won’t have to go through the hassle of wrapping them again when it comes time to use them.  This process makes cold storage of ERC20 tokens even more secure, as you’ll need to have your on and then log into cold storage with your private key before you can use your tokens. This is a great way to keep a supply of ERC20 tokens on hand for those instances when you want or need them in a hurry.

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