Harvest Small Business Finance

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Harvest Small Business Finance
Harvest Small Business Finance

Harvest Small Business Finance provides commercial real estate loans to small businesses. The firm has been in business since 2011 and specializes in lending amounts between $500,000 and 5 million dollars to qualified borrowers at fixed rates of interest, regardless of their credit scores or financial statements. Harvest Small Business Finance offers its customers more bang for their buck with low closing costs, friendly loan terms, and strong customer service that makes the application process straightforward. If you’re looking to start or expand your business, this could be the small business finance option you’ve been searching for!

Harvest Small Business Finance The Smart Alternative to Bank Loans

Many small business owners have no choice but to turn to banks and other traditional lenders to fund their ventures. But these loans can be a double-edged sword, on one hand, they’re often based on your business’ monthly income and What is TTM in Finance offer predictable repayment terms. On the other hand, small business bank loans typically come with high-interest rates and strict repayment schedules that don’t take into account slow months. Looking for better funding options? You might want to look at alternatives like Harvest Small Business Finance, a non-bank lender that can provide unsecured credit lines up to $1 million. When you’re considering financing options for your small business, it pays to do some research and there are lots of ways you can find information about alternative sources of funding.

When you’re ready to start applying for financing, give Harvest Small Business Finance a look. The lender was founded in 2000 with a mission to provide competitively priced commercial real estate loans and financial services to small businesses throughout California. Harvest has been recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing companies, listed among Inc. 5000 four times the most recent appearance being in 2016. As an alternative to bank loans, Harvest offers unsecured credit lines up to $1 million that can be used for a variety of purposes including real estate purchases, expansions, or improvements based on your company’s needs and performance history. You can also expect friendly customer service from experts who are available seven days a week to answer any questions you might have about financing options.

Harvest Small Business Finance A Great Option for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Depending on your business, traditional loans may not be an option. If you’re a small business, self-employed, or start-up with little to no operating history, getting a bank loan can seem impossible. Even if you have good credit and assets to use as collateral, most banks won’t touch commercial real estate loans that are for under $5 million and may even turn you away for anything less than $1 million. Harvest Small Business Finance is one of several non-bank lenders that cater to small businesses like yours by offering flexible financing options and shorter loan terms at interest rates that are often lower than those of bank loans.

Your local Harvest Small Business Finance representative can help explain what’s available based on your situation. Commercial real estate loans can be used for a wide range of projects, including buying or refinancing an existing property or purchasing land to build on. To get a commercial real estate loan through Harvest Small Business Finance, you need to have at least 10% of your funding in place and provide collateral such as assets, inventory, or accounts receivable. If you own a building that needs repairs, it’s also important to keep them in mind when applying for financing. The loan amount will depend on your overall creditworthiness and how you plan to use it.

Why Harvest Small Business Finance is the Best Lender for Your Commercial Real Estate Loan

When it comes to commercial real estate financing, you have several options: banks, credit unions, peer-to-peer lenders, and business leaders. But only Harvest Small Business Finance truly offers specialized solutions tailored to fit your small business’s specific needs. Since Harvest Business Finance is a non-bank lender, we can offer our customers higher loan amounts than banks typically do.

Since our founding in 2003, Harvest Small Business Finance has provided more than $1 billion in funding to small businesses across North America and Great Britain. Unlike other lenders, we never require a credit score we even offer loans up to $15 million to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. Our streamlined underwriting process typically takes just 3 days, so your loan closes faster.

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