Fountain Trust Online Banking

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Now that you’ve created your account, it’s time to make the most of your Fountain Trust Online Banking experience. With all the essential information about your accounts and services in one place, you can easily keep track of how much money you have, where it came from, and how it’s being spent. Pay bills, deposit checks, check your balances, and more at any time without ever leaving home.

Why Banking with Fountain Trust is Secure?

The bank takes security seriously, with several layers of protection in place. A Virtual Private Network helps keep online banking secure and private, by encrypting all data between users and Fountain Trust Online Banking servers so that it cannot be intercepted. Two factor authentications is also an option to help protect accounts from hackers, making it more difficult for people to log into accounts using your password alone. Overall, Fountain Trust works hard to provide a safe way for customers to bank online. They go beyond what’s required by law and make security a priority at every level of their operations from digital threat detection to physical data storage. Fountain Trust also has a long history of innovation and expertise in financial services. The bank was founded in 1864 and it continues to grow, with online banking becoming available in 2015. They offer several other convenient services to customers including. Online banking allows customers quick access to their accounts 24/7, with all features of an account accessible at any time. This can include transfers, bill payments, deposits, and withdrawals of funds as well as account balance checks for savings or checking accounts. Customers can even do things like cash checks or deposit items from home using mobile apps. Mobile applications also give users more control over what notifications they receive from Fountain Trust so they can personalize their service preferences even further.

The Benefit of Banking with Fountain Trust Online

Customers can access their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, make deposits and so much more. There are no additional charges for using Fountain Trust online banking. You can transact any time at your convenience without having to visit a branch. In addition to our online Banking Images services, we offer a mobile application to enable account access anytime anywhere through our mobile devices.  We do not charge any fees for using the Fountain trust mobile app either. Simply download our FREE application on the Google Play Store or Apple’s app store and enjoy secure convenient 24/7 banking access of your Fountain trust account from anywhere. With Fountain trust online banking, you don’t need to visit your branch to access your account information or make transactions. It is easy, convenient, and secure and all you need is internet access on any mobile phone or computer. Follow these simple steps to get started with our free online banking services.

What are the Features of the Fountain Trust Online Banking App?

The Fountain Trust online banking app gives you access to your accounts from any location. You can manage your money from just about anywhere, anytime, with our advanced online banking technology. One of its most convenient features is being able to deposit checks instantly using a simple picture taking feature on your Smartphone. And once you do that, we’ll immediately credit those funds to your account. There are many other features as well, and they just keep on getting better. Fountain Trust also gives you a powerful virtual debit card you can use to make online purchases. You can even activate it immediately after signing up for online banking and ordering your card. The Fountain Trust online banking app is available on both Apple and Android devices, so whether you’re using an IPhone or an Android phone, you won’t need to worry about finding one that works with our app.

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