Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Zcash (ZEC)

Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Zcash (ZEC)
Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Zcash (ZEC)
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Bitcoin (BTC) and Zcash (ZEC) are one of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs today. These digital coins have good prospects and are often used as profitable investment vehicles. Experienced users prefer to work with just two or even more cryptocurrencies, getting the opportunity to conclude the most beneficial deals when the right conditions are created. Accordingly, the issue of converting assets from one type to another also remains relevant.

The easiest option to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Zcash (ZEC) is to do it inside the used cryptocurrency exchange, and you can find it on the monitoring portal But there is one drawback – you can only sometimes offer profitable courses. And in this case, you will either have to agree to these conditions or wait for suitable numbers, not being sure of success.

How exchangers can help

There is an excellent alternative to exchanging on cryptocurrency exchanges. These are particular exchange sites. Here you can give BitCoin cryptocurrency and, in return, receive the type of asset you are interested in. The transaction is carried out in one operation, for which you need to pay a small commission.

There are a lot of exchange sites on the net. Therefore, you can choose the one that completely suits the proposed conditions. But remember that scammers also take advantage of the opportunity to profit quickly. Of the distinctive features of such resources, it should be noted:

  • a short period of existence;
  • little-known name;
  • lack of any detailed information about the organization;
  • negative user reviews.

Accordingly, to conclude a successful and safe deal, you need to conduct monitoring that allows you to understand which resources you can trust and which you should not. It will take a lot of time. But there is an alternative solution to the problem.

How an exchange office data aggregator can help

For more than ten years, a specialized monitoring portal has been successfully operating, detailed information about which is presented on the BestChange. This is an aggregator of data on exchange offices, the primary purpose of which is to select the most secure exchangers that offer users favourable transaction conditions. The site administration carefully checks all exchange sites. And on its pages, only offers of those service providers who work honestly and transparently are posted. Thus, your task of bypassing fraudulent schemes has already been successfully solved. It remains to choose the exchanger that offers the most favourable conditions. On the page link rating of Exchanges, you can see all exchange sites where you can exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Z-cash cryptocurrency. They are collected on a unique table. On the top lines, there are offers with the best rates. But there are other criteria to pay attention to. Be sure to consider the reserve of the currency you want to receive so that you do not have to carry out another operation with another exchanger afterwards. Important factors are also the transfer commission and the exchange type: manual or automatic. And when the most suitable offer is determined, it remains to make a deal.

If it is impossible to perform the translation in one operation due to the lack of appropriate proposals, the problem can be solved as follows:

  • refresh the page after a few minutes. It will display the latest information;
  • perform a double exchange with an intermediate currency if crypto coins are urgently needed;
  • leave a request for an exchange. When an offer meets your requirements, you will receive an email notification and be able to exchange funds in the next few minutes.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the administration of the monitoring portal. It is also possible to view the contents of the FAQ section, which contains a large amount of helpful information.