Citi Corporate Banking

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Luckily, plenty of other entrepreneurs have done this, and you can benefit from the wisdom they gleaned from their successes and their business mistakes. This guide on how to start a business, whether it’s your first or your 10th, Citi corporate banking will help you with everything from finding and validating your money making.

What Is Corporate Banking?

Citi Private Bank defines Citi corporate banking as working with Citi’s largest clients, and primarily serving high net worth individuals and corporations that are not Citi’s global customers. Generally speaking, corporate banking clients will have assets of more than $ million, although certain institutional client types require a minimum asset level of $million. This is where Citi can add additional value to its corporate clients through specialized solutions from Wells Fargo Business Banking to portfolio services in areas such as investment management, real estate, and personal trust services. Many large companies use multiple banks each offering something different or leveraging a particular strength depending on what is most important for a client at any given time. Our specialists focus on relationship building getting to know our clients’ businesses, their goals, and aspirations, so we can recommend solutions that help them achieve their objectives.

What Does The Corporate Bank Do?

The primary role of Citi Corporate Banking is to manage relationships with clients, which includes leading Indian companies. Our global industry groups are staffed by specialists dedicated to advising our clients on all aspects of their corporate finance activities, covering mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and private equity, capital markets activity, and asset management. From experience we know that is deeply rooted in local markets enables us to build strong long-term relationships with our clients. We also deliver a truly client-focused service.

Citi corporate banking works in partnership with them to identify opportunities and develop solutions for their needs through an understanding of their business drivers, requirements, and risk appetite. To achieve our goals we need people who are motivated, goal oriented, and can work independently as well as part of a team. We look for people who want to make a difference in how they work together as individuals or within teams; those who want to be part of shaping tomorrow’s success story those who take pride in their achievements; those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and share our values. As one of India’s premier financial institutions, Citibank India has an active presence across 22 cities in India.

Over 15 years ago, Citibank India established its Citi corporate banking division catering to specific niche segments such as airlines and infrastructure projects. This division now offers services ranging from advisory services related to mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity financing, joint ventures, and other corporate matters for both domestic and international companies seeking growth opportunities in India. Over time Citibank has grown significantly into one of India’s most respected Corporate franchises serving key industries such as Infrastructure Finance, Power Finance, Shipping Finance, Private Equity Finance, and Private Banking.

Why You Should Invest In Corporate Banking?

Citi corporate banking arm manages relationships with clients, which includes leading Indian companies. Our global industry groups are staffed by specialists dedicated to serving your needs for loans, debt capital markets, project finance, and other types of financing. Citi has local experts in all of our global industry groups that work closely with regional industry leaders to provide deeper sector insights and facilitate a relationship that can be sustained over time.

We have long-standing experience working with corporations large and small to facilitate their business endeavors in domestic as well as international markets. With support from our corporate team, you will gain access to financing opportunities from marketplaces across the globe. Whether you need an investment bank or are looking for a strategic partner, we have one of India’s largest teams of professionals who can help grow your business today and into tomorrow. And if you’re not sure what you need right now? Reach out to us any way we’d love to hear from you. The services offered by Citi corporate banking Citibank offers both commercial and investment products and services through its branch network, ATMs, Internet, and telephone banking facilities spread across 675 locations in India.

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