Bitmart Safemoon

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BitMart, one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has been providing users with an outstanding user experience for 5 years. Now BitMart will support the SafeMoon token swap from V1 to V2, providing users with a swap service, so that Bitmart Safemoon holders will be able to take advantage of the new upgraded features and increase their investment value in the future.

How to Participate in the Swap?

BitMart will open a Safemoon SFT V2/V1 exchange at 8:00 on June 1, 2018 (UTC+8). The platform will automatically execute 1:1 Airdrop for all SFT holders, who have more than 100 SFT in their accounts. Users need to complete KYC and store SFT in their wallets. Users must finish trading in Reddit Cryptocurrency of all V1 tokens by noon June 15, 2018 UTC+8, otherwise, the BitMart team won’t be able to obtain your transaction information.  You can exchange SAFT V1 to SFT V2 via the Bitmart Safemoon platform after June 1, 2018.

Deposit SafeMoon to your SAFT account in advance you should deposit SAFT before June 15th, then you can start trading as soon as Bitmart Safemoon lists new tokens on its platform. And do not forget about KYC verification! Do it for you and our investors. If you want to get news about more tokens listing on BitMart, subscribe to our official Telegram and telegram group. We have more good news for you!

Is SafeMoon Available on BitMart?

SafeMoon will be available on BitMart when it launches. It’s a reliable exchange that’s committed to taking security seriously, employing cold storage and other best practices. The V1 to V2 token swap will occur on their platform as well, providing users Bitmart Safemoon with an opportunity to trade their old tokens for new ones. Their team is transparent and responsive, so they make an excellent option for traders who want assurance that their funds are safe. There’s more information about BitMart here.

 SafeMoon is working with BitMart to provide a reliable and professional V1 to V2 token swap. Traders who use BitMart will be able to trade their old tokens for new ones and continue trading on a top-notch platform that takes security seriously. The team at BitMart is available via Discord or email, which means that users can get all of their questions answered promptly and efficiently. Check out more information about BitMart here.

As part of SafeMoon’s mission to provide users with peace of mind when investing in blockchain technology, they’ve partnered with top-tier exchanges like BitMart. And with good reason: it offers excellent security features, including multi-signature addresses and cold storage options that keep your money safe from potential threats. As a newer exchange, BitMart is still growing but they have experience with a lot of different coins and tokens, including SafeMoon’s V1. The addition of new tokens will provide Bitmart Safemoon with added exposure for blockchain projects like SafeMoon, which can attract more users to their platform. Their team is available via Discord and email, so traders can get all of their questions answered promptly. We are no longer using Mondomarine as an example exchange because it seems that it got shut down and thus we advise you to not use it anymore.

Is BitMart a Good Exchange?

BitMart is one of South Korea’s largest exchanges, but it is also known for its strict vetting process that keeps many new coins off of its platform. This helps to make it one of the most reputable exchanges available on a global scale, with especially good customer service and support. For a company like SafeMoon to be listed by BitMart on their exchange, it’s a great sign that they plan to stay around for Bitmart Safemoon sometime. So if you’re looking for an exchange that doesn’t list just any old coin you should consider joining BitMart because if SafeMoon is listed there, then they must be doing something right! It only takes a few minutes to start trading on BitMart so don’t hesitate! Get started today!  

Having one of Korea’s largest exchanges show interest in your coin is a great reason to celebrate! It’s always a good sign when cryptocurrency exchanges are interested in listing you because it means your coin is performing well and that people like what you’re doing. So if BitMart has decided to list Bitmart Safemoon on their exchange, then they must be confident in them. Their willingness to support their upcoming token swap means that they plan on sticking around for some time so there’s plenty of time for investors to get involved! Get started now!

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