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www.aka.ms.yourpc you’ll have to sign in with the same Microsoft account you’re already signed into on your PC. Link your device with an active Microsoft account. Scan a QR code as suggested on your PC after sign in.

Goto google chrome, then aka and find the code there. MS/link phone. Connect your Android device to your PC with QR scanning. If you want to access content from your phone and PC, you’ll need to give our app all the necessary permissions. If you’re having trouble installing the app, here are some troubleshooting tips.

Do I connect my PC and phone with www.aka.ms.yourpc?

If you have a Windows 10 PC and an Android phone, you can use the “Your Phone” app to connect them. Here’s how:

1. On your PC, open the Your Phone app.

2. On your phone, open the Your Phone Companion app.

3. In the Your Phone app on your PC, click “+ add a phone”.

4. Enter your mobile number. Click on send button.

5. Tap the Link on your phone. It will confirm that you want to connect your phone to this PC.

6. On your PC, select which features you want to use with Your Phone. Click on Continue.

7. That’s it. You’re now ready to use Your Phone to view photos from your phone, send texts, and more.

How do I get the www.aka.ms.yourpc phone link app?

Microsoft Phone Link improved, and you can finally use your cell phone on your computer. This update for Windows 11 will soon reach customers worldwide and make life much easier.

The Phone Link experience starts on your PC with either Windows 10 or 11. You can start the connection process with these two apps:

  • Download the Link to the Windows app for Android.
  • This Windows Phone app is preinstalled on selected Samsung phones.
  • Phone Link – Link to Mobile, for the Google and Samsung Play Stores, is named Phone Link – Link to Windows in the Microsoft Store. 
  • It connects your phone with your PC and gives you instant access to everything you love: You can read and reply to text messages from your computer.
  • View recent photos from your Android device, use your favorite mobile apps, and make or receive calls on your PC. And it’s even easier because notifications are streamed directly to your laptop.
  • Phone Link is available on all iOS devices running iOS 9+ and Android devices running 4.4+.
  • If you’re running the latest version of Windows, install the Phone Link app from the Microsoft Store. 
  • Windows versions after the April 2018 Update will have it preinstalled.
  • Your Android device needs to be Android 7.0 Nougat or newer.

How Do I Set Up The Phone Link App?

Your PC and Android device should be turned on, connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and nearby. If you start from your PC:

  • To open the Phone Link app, type “Phone Link” in your Windows search bar and select the app from the list.
  • Choose Android.
  • You should sign into your Microsoft account on your Android device and PC to link them.
  • Downloading Chrome can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple instructions, and you’ll get Chrome installed in no time.

How to Sign in on your PC?

  •  To start, sign into the companion app with the same Microsoft account you signed in to on your PC. 
  • Once you do, the app will automatically open to a screen containing a QR code for scanning.
  • When you sign in to your PC, look for the “I have the Link to Windows app installed on my phone” checkbox. Check the box, select the “Pair with QR code” button, and connect your app.
  • Note: If you can’t scan the QR code, you can manually enter the code displayed on your PC into your Android device.
  • You must download our companion app to share this web page with your Android device. Do this and ensure the app is open to a screen with a camera. Then, use that screen to scan the QR code.
  • Once you download and sync your phone with your PC, it will prompt you to ask for a few permissions. These permissions will help you access your phone’s content from your PC.
  • With Windows 10, you can use a browser on your Android device to download the Link to Windows app. Make sure to call if you have a Samsung device linked. Ms/your PC in your browser first and then download it.

You will still be able to control your phone when working on a computer. www.aka.ms.your phone isn’t showing up on this page because there was an error. If you cannot access your phone’s app or my telephone companion on your computer, you still need to update your system. You’ll need to follow the steps.