What Are Wattpad Stories?

Wattpad Stories
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Wattpad, founded in Canada in 2006, is a global platform that fosters a unique connection between writers and readers. It encourages users to create and share their stories, covering a vast array of genres, from teen fiction to poetry, action, adventure, and much more.

The platform hosts an impressive range of content, from stories in the public domain to works developed by aspiring authors who might later publish their creations for a wider audience. This inclusive approach allows teens and young adults to explore their literary talents and, potentially, share their work with a broad and appreciative audience.

Currently, over 90 million people utilize Wattpad Stories, dedicating more than 23 billion minutes per month to exploring the diverse stories it offers. Interestingly, a staggering 90% of its users fall between the ages of 13 and 40, making it a hub for both readers and writers in this age bracket.

How Does It Work?

Tagged Content

One of Wattpad’s notable features is its use of tags, similar to social media hashtags. Writers can add tags to their stories, helping users find content that aligns with their interests. These tags serve as a guide, indicating the genre, mood, and appropriateness of the content. Users can also employ blocked tags to steer clear of specific types of content.

Rating a Story

Authors can assign an age ranking to their stories, categorizing them as either ‘Mature’ or suitable for ‘Everyone.’ While mature stories are marked for readers aged 17 and above, it’s essential for younger users to navigate Wattpad with guidance from parents or guardians.

Reading Lists

Wattpad allows users to curate reading lists, making it easy to access their favorite stories. These lists are publicly displayed on user profiles, fostering connections and discussions between readers.

Writing In-App

Whether you’re on a computer or a mobile device, Wattpad Stories offers a versatile writing platform. Users with mobile access can write anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to wait for a computer.

Story Notifications

Followers of a story or author can receive notifications when new content is added, enabling users to follow the story’s progress in real-time.

Wattpad Stories

Privacy and Security Settings

Although Wattpad lacks specific parental controls, it offers several functions that users, along with their guardians, can employ to enhance safety. These include:

Reporting a Story: Users can report stories by tapping the three lines in the app’s top right-hand corner, selecting ‘Report,’ and providing a reason for the report.

Reporting a User: On a user’s page, the three dots in the top right-hand corner allow users to report another user by selecting the reason and providing additional information.

Muting a User: Users can mute other accounts to limit interactions, such as follows, messages, posts, or comments.

Managing Notifications: Wattpad users can customize their notifications, ensuring they receive only relevant updates.

Setting Content Preferences: Users can toggle mature content on or off, making their reading experience more tailored to their preferences.

5 Tips for Keeping Teens Safe on Wattpad

Engage Actively: Involve yourself in your child’s Wattpad experience. Show interest in their literary pursuits to encourage open communication about their online activities.

Set Ground Rules: Establish a family agreement or ground rules for using social platforms. Collaborate with your children on guidelines for safe, responsible, and wise online behavior.

Protect Sensitive Information: Advise your child to keep personal information, like their full name, address, phone number, and email address, private.

Share an Account: Consider sharing an account with your child to monitor their activity and ensure a safe and age-appropriate reading experience.

Discuss Online Etiquette: Have a conversation with your child about appropriate online behavior. If they wouldn’t say or do something face-to-face, it’s likely inappropriate online.


Wattpad is a remarkable platform where readers and writers converge, making it a thriving literary community. With its user-friendly features and safety settings, it offers a secure space for teens and young adults to explore their passion for storytelling. By following these tips and guidelines, you can ensure that your child enjoys a safe and enriching Wattpad experience while discovering the joys of reading and writing.