What Is The Public App?

Public App
Public App
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The digital age has revolutionized the way news is consumed. While giants like Twitter and Facebook have global clout, certain regions and cultures demand a more localized touch, one that understands the intricate tapestry of local narratives and can present them with an indigenous perspective. Enter the Public App – India’s burgeoning platform for local video news. But what exactly is the Public app? Let’s explore.

Origin of the Public App

Public – Indian Local Videos is not just another app on your phone; it’s a cultural phenomenon that is redefining how millions in India consume news. Created by Inshorts, a renowned name in the Indian digital news ecosystem, Public stands out as a localized social network focused on delivering Indian news via short video formats.

A Social Network with a Desi Touch

“Desi” is a colloquial term used in India to denote something that is traditional or native. The Public app, with its emphasis on local news, events, and stories, truly embodies this essence. It’s a platform where users can find information about what’s happening in their district, town, or even village. From festivals and political rallies to local disasters and human interest stories, Public captures the vibrant and diverse pulse of India.

The brilliance of Public lies in its simplicity. It offers video clips, usually brief, which are both engaging and informative. This is in tune with the modern demand for digestible, visually appealing content that can be consumed on the go.

Frequent and Real-time Updates

In an age where news evolves by the minute, Public’s commitment to real-time updates sets it apart. Its team regularly records, updates, and uploads events, ensuring that users are never out of the loop. For instance, if there’s a sudden political development in a remote part of Maharashtra or a cultural festivity in Tamil Nadu, Public will have it covered.

Public App

User-Generated Content: Power to the People

One of the standout features of the Public app is its emphasis on user-generated content. It’s not just a passive news consumption platform; it empowers users to become news creators. This democratization of news generation ensures a more varied and genuine representation of events. After all, who better to narrate a local story than the locals themselves?

How the Public is Changing the Indian Digital Landscape?

The Public’s rise has had tangible impacts on the digital milieu of India. A few of these are:

Local Focus: By giving a platform to local stories, the Public ensures that even the smallest towns and villages have a voice in the digital age.

Promotion of Vernacular Languages: The app champions content in multiple Indian languages, thus reinforcing the importance of regional languages in the era of globalization.

Authenticity over Sensationalism: Given that much of its content comes from everyday users, there’s a genuine feel to the stories. It shifts the narrative from sensationalist news to authentic storytelling.

Empowerment and Employment: The platform has become a source of income for many local reporters and enthusiasts who are now being recognized and rewarded for their content.


Public – Indian Local Videos is more than just an app. It’s a movement that is decentralizing the Indian digital news space, ensuring that every corner of this vast nation has a voice. In a world dominated by international tech giants, Public stands as a testament to the power of local narratives and the insatiable appetite of the Indian populace for authentic, homegrown content. The Public app is not just keeping people informed; it’s keeping India connected.