What is Picrew And Is It Safe To Use?

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Embark on a journey of creativity with Picrew, a unique Japanese avatar maker that allows you to unleash your artistic side. Picrew has captured the hearts of users worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Picrew, exploring its functions and guiding you on how to make the most of this innovative platform.

What is Picrew?

Picrew is not just a service; it’s a canvas for your creativity. This Japanese layered paper doll-style avatar maker offers a platform to create and play with image makers. The generated images are not only a testament to your creativity but can also be downloaded free of charge, ready to be shared across various social media platforms.

The Origin Story

Picrew’s roots trace back to the creative minds at TetraChroma, a Japanese company. Launched in July 2017, it gained official release in December 2018. The website’s concept and interface draw inspiration from earlier avatar editing systems like Nintendo’s Mii avatars and WeeMee, along with the rich history of digital paper doll games such as the Kisekae Set System.

Global Appeal

While Picrew originated in Japan, its charm knows no bounds. Its simplicity has been embraced by audiences around the globe, offering users a unique chance to create their own avatar illustrations through a Picrew creator and contribute them. However, it’s crucial to navigate Picrew’s terms of use, including restrictions on the redistribution of images created through its image makers.


What is the “Play” Function?

Picrew’s “Play” function adds an interactive dimension to the platform, allowing users to combine parts and generate personalized images or characters. This exciting feature encompasses two types of image makers: Dress-Up Maker and Random Maker.

Choose your adventure with the Dress-Up Maker. Select from an array of parts to create your unique image. This hands-on approach ensures your avatar reflects your style, making the creative process both enjoyable and personalized.

Are you feeling lucky? Embrace the serendipity of the Random Maker, where luck plays a role in generating your image. Explore the unexpected and don’t forget to dive into fortune-telling games for an extra touch of fun.

What is the “Create” Function?

Have you ever fancied creating your image maker but thought it impossible due to a lack of programming skills? Picrew has a solution for you! The “Create” function allows you to bring your ideas to life by merely uploading images.

Have you ever browsed public image makers and wished to contribute to your creations? Picrew makes it possible. The “Create” function empowers you to be a Picrew creator, adding your unique touch to the diverse collection of image makers available.

For a detailed guide on creating your image maker, refer to Picrew’s “Create your image maker” and “List of creator functions.” These resources provide a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring you can navigate the process seamlessly.

Is Picrew Safe To Use?

As the digital realm houses various avatar makers, safety becomes a paramount concern. Malicious software and viruses lurk in online avatar customizers, disguising themselves as free-to-use tools. However, Picrew stands out as the safest avatar maker available online.

With thousands of Picrew Makers to choose from, customization becomes an enjoyable and secure experience. Users can use their photos as a foundation for avatars, expressing their interests creatively. Picrew distinguishes itself by offering a pop-up ad and redirection-free environment, ensuring a safe, secure, and delightful avatar customization experience.


Picrew has proven to be more than just an avatar maker; it’s a creative playground where users can explore and express themselves visually. With its user-friendly features, diverse customization options, and, most importantly, its commitment to safety, Picrew stands tall as a reliable platform for anyone looking to craft their digital identity. So, if you’re in search of a secure and enjoyable avatar customization experience, Picrew is undoubtedly a must-visit destination.