Mobile Sms Banking

Mobile Sms Banking

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Mobile Sms Banking
Mobile Sms Banking

Today, the whole banking system has gone mobile. With every passing day, banks are coming up with more and more services in line with this changing trend. One such service that is offered by HDFC Bank’s mobile app is Mobile Sms Banking. This service helps you to access your bank account from anywhere, anytime, provided you have the required mobile device and an internet connection that enables you to connect to the net from wherever you are in the world.

What Is Sms Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking, also known as SMS banking, allows customers to use their mobile phones to access their bank accounts and conduct transactions. The technology is easy to use Td Banking Commercial customers register their mobile phone numbers with their bank and then can immediately begin conducting simple transactions. Mobile banking gives customers access to information they need while on the go anytime, anywhere. With Mobile Sms Banking people can check balances or make deposits from almost anywhere there is a cell phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. What are some of the benefits? Mobile banking lets customers access their accounts on the goo, making it easy to check balances or conduct transactions when time is limited. With mobile, you can do everything you would normally do at your bank transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and more.

This ease of use has helped drive the adoption of mobile technology a 2014 study from & Company found that 87% of US consumers used mobile technology to perform financial transactions in 2013. In addition to being convenient, Mobile Sms Banking also has security benefits. While mobile technology continues to evolve, mobile banking has some distinct advantages. Customers can conduct transactions when time is limited and from almost anywhere there is a cell phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. That means you’re never more than a few taps away from your account information, giving you greater peace of mind and control over your finances. It also gives customers access to their financial information even if they lose their wallets or are unable to get to an ATM.

How To Activate Your Mobile Sms Banking?

To avail Mobile SMS Banking facility, you need to register for Mobile Sms Banking by providing your Mobile Number and Password to your Relationship Manager. Your mobile banking service shall be activated once we have received a successful activation request from you. Please note that during registration, you will be required to accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy about Mobile Sms Banking Service. The terms are available on our the link is available on the login page. Once your account is activated for mobile banking service, you can start using it any time at your convenience by logging into the Internet Banking portal with a username and password as per previous instructions provided by us through email SMS, or the online portal itself.

Once you log in to your account and go to the  Mobile Banking option, you can generate a Mobile Verification Code by getting an SMS Verification Code. It is also possible that some telecom operators may not support out. In such cases, you will be required to their service by paying a fee from your mobile account balance. You can then use that code as a  password and proceed further with your registration process for the mobile banking service offered by Bank.

Can Mobile Banking Be Done Through Sms?

Yes, mobile banking services can be accessed through SMS. For example, if you are registered for mobile banking in India and have an Idea of Mobile Sms Banking and an internet connection. You can transact a variety of transactions deposit money, transfer funds to another account, etc. from your phone. These messages need to be sent from a cellphone that is registered under your account name with the bank.

To send an SMS for mobile banking, you need to be registered for it. To register for mobile banking, you will have to give your mobile number, and your card. Once you are registered with us, we will send you a code through Mobile Sms Banking on your registered number. You need to then respond to that message by entering a new password of 6 digits which can be changed later once logged in as a customer. The customer also needs to give his address along with all his bank account details including the code and Account Number in case of multiple accounts. Following registration, customers can use their mobile phones for transactions like by sending an SMS containing.

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