Indi banking: The Best Way to Save Money & Access the Global Economy

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flexibility in how they manage their finances. It’s the smart banking solution for any freelancer or entrepreneur who wants to keep more of the money they earn and spend less time dealing with paperwork and tax forms. If you’re an independent worker and want to know more about Indi Banking, then this guide is exactly what you need. Whether you run your own business or just do freelancing on the side, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about taking control of your finances today with Indi Online Banking.

There is no doubt that the global economy is ever-growing more complex and competitive. However, there are still a variety of ways to access it, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want to save money, one option is to look into banking options in India. Here, you can access the global economy without having to leave your home country, and you can also benefit from some of the lower rates available abroad.

What is Indi Banking?

Indi is a revolution in banking for independent workers. Instead of traditional bank accounts, and gives you intelligent financing options. No more cumbersome paperwork or waiting in line at your local branch. Indi lets you set up auto payments from your existing bank account using simple credit card payments and secure, quick transfers to other Indi Banking users. It doesn’t stop there indi lets you borrow money directly from investors on your network, plus use automated investment tools to help you plan and reach your financial goals.

Today’s workers need modern finance solutions, and that’s precisely what indi delivers. Indi is simple and secure, so you can focus on growing your business. With Indi’s built-in tools, investing, borrowing, and paying friends are a breeze. And unlike traditional banks, and don’t charge fees for transfers or going into an overdraft. That means you keep more money in your account to grow your business and not pay high bank fees.

Benefits of Indi Banking:

Anyone who values their time and money will benefit from Indi Banking. While Professional Banking have long been able to track their finances, we now have a way to make sure our money is spent efficiently. Through managing a budget, users can plan how they spend their money while benefiting from exclusive offers and savings at participating companies. The opportunity for us is transparent small businesses are growing in number, but access to credit remains an issue.

We see a real opportunity here in connecting and aggregating these independent contractors into a new market segment that hasn’t existed. As they grow, they can capitalize on both increased scale of operations and access to capital markets and scale risk through diversification of portfolio investments. Individuals and small businesses choose to work independently for various reasons.

But there is another reason why someone may want to track their spending. More than 80% of people say they do not have a budget and are spending more than they can afford. Independent workers who regularly use Indi Banking find that it helps them track their spending, which helps create budgets that allow them to spend wisely and save money where possible. It also gives them access to exclusive deals at places like dentists’ or doctors’ offices, restaurants, or even local grocery stores that they wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.

Is Indi Banking Safe?

As an independent worker, security and protection are essential. Fortunately, you can trust Indi Banking to protect your money and data. If a bank fails or goes out of business, all its deposits become liabilities for FDIC. At Indi Bank, that’s not a problem because we never hold customer funds. We keep all our accounts with trusted partner banks.

By doing so, we ensure that you’ll always be able to access your money when needed. That means even if we stop operating tomorrow, you’ll still have quick and easy access to your funds via another provider. Your security is important to us, no matter where you are or how much you have in your account. Whether working in Australia, Africa, Europe, or America, your funds are always safe at Indi Banking.

That’s because we only use partner banks that provide FDIC-insured accounts. If a bank goes out of business in any country, you can trust that all customer deposits will be by their country’s national deposit insurance fund. At Indi Bank, we aren’t subject to FDIC and don’t have to adhere to any regulations. But to show our commitment to customer security and safety, we work with only partners who do hold FDIC insurance for all customer accounts held through them.

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