IDBI Mobile Banking – Top Features & Benefits

IDBI Mobile Banking – Top Features & Benefits
IDBI Mobile Banking – Top Features & Benefits
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IDBI Internet Banking

With the rapid digitalization that is happening around us and with the Internet becoming an essential part of our routine lives, Banking on Internet platforms assumes a special significance. IDBI Bank provides its customers, 24 hours online banking services – anytime, anywhere with its Internet Banking.

Now, your bank has a new address. Perform all your banking transactions like Account Information, Demat Account Information, Online instructions, Requests, Bill payments, and other merchant payments, from the comfort of your home or office.

Agreeably, such a service requires security of the highest nature and complete privacy protection. Thus, we provide a completely secure environment, using 128-bit encryption SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), digitally certified by VeriSign. 128-bit SSL ensures world-class security for Internet and e-commerce transactions.

Features of IDBI Internet Banking

  1. Account Information
  • Account Balance
  • Account-related enquiries and status
  • Transaction tracking and history
  • Loan installments and fund flow details
  • Statements
  • Cheque Status
  1. Demat Account Information
  • Demat Account Details displays the name, correspondence address, account numbers, and bank account numbers associated with the account.
  • Holding Statements displays the list of demat scrip with ISIN code, scrip name, and balance.
  • Statement of Transaction lists the transactions for a period, with details of security and balances.
  • The billing statement details the charges for respective transactions.
  1. Online Instructions and Requests
  • Cheque Book
  • Stop payment
  • Fixed & Recurring deposit opening/ renewal
  • Mobile/ DTH recharge
  • IPO application through ASBA
  1. Online Payment Services

Internet banking offers an online payment facility linked with merchant websites/ e-shops through its direct debit payment gateway service. The bank offers this facility to online merchants/ service providers requiring online payment services such as e-commerce merchants, online share trading portals, an AMC selling online mutual funds, etc.

  1. Bill Payment & Presentment

EBPP- Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment feature allows IDBI customers to pay for their utility bills online through the bank’s internet banking service or also by visiting the website of the service provider.

How to apply?

By following 3 simple steps an IDBI account holder can apply for Internet banking that are as mentioned below:

  1. Get in Touch

At first, an account holder is required to call on the toll-free numbers mentioned below:




  1. Visit the Branch

Next, an account holder is required to visit the nearest branch as per the IDBI Bank timings to apply for internet banking.

  1. Receive a Callback

At last, the bank’s customer care representative will contact the account holder at the earliest.

IDBI Mobile Banking

Business is on the move and so are the people who conduct it. For you to enjoy banking convenience while on the move, IDBI Bank is here with its Mobile Banking facility. This service allows you to access your Bank account/s and carry out various Banking transactions on the go.

Earlier, let’s take an example of a PNB account holder, if he wanted to open an FD/ RD, he was required to visit the bank as per PNB bank timings. But now, no need to visit the bank time and again. Your Bank has got a new address, Your Mobile! Simply type and access a range of banking services from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Browser Banking-

Browser Banking service allows access to your IDBI Bank account/s through the convenience of your mobile phone. Simply type using the in-built browser of your mobile phone, and access various banking services like Account Balance, Funds Transfer, Bill payments, Mobile & DTH Recharge, Cheque Book Request, etc. anytime, anywhere.

Features of Mobile Banking:

Below mentioned are the features of IDBI Mobile Banking:

  • Accounts & Demat Inquiries
  • Bill Payment Services
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)
  • Fund Transfer to accounts within the Bank
  • Fund Transfer to other Bank a/c holders through NEFT
  • Account Dashboard (Summary view of all accounts)
  • Mobile and DTH Recharge
  • Visa Card Payments
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque Payment

Services provided by IDBI Mobile Banking Applications

Below mentioned are the services provided by IDBI Mobile banking applications:

  1. Account Balance
  2. Account Details
  3. Mini Statement
  4. Account Statement
  5. Demat Holding & Transactions
  6. Debit Card Controls
  7. Fund Transfer to Self-accounts
  8.  Third-Party Fund Transfer
  10. Visa Card Payment
  11. Pay Utility Bills
  12. Mobile Recharge and DTH Recharge
  13. Aadhar Card Linking Request
  14. Register E-mail Accounts
  15. Personalized Home screen
  16. Term Deposits
  17. Standing Instructions
  18. Calculators

IDBI Bank Mobile Banking Apps

IDBI bank has launched six apps that serve different banking purposes. You can use one or more app as per your convenience. Below is the snapshot of each app.

IDBI Bank Mobile  AppsKey Features
Go Mobile+The official app from IDBI to access the banking services of IDBI BankView balance, account statements and moreTransact securely with NEFT, RTGS, IMPSCustomize the app with your selfy, wallpapers and theme
mPassbookView bank account details from mobile phoneView account transactions online and offlineExpense managerPersonalize or tag the transactionsAutomatic updates and synchronization of the account
AbhayControl your debit card instantlySwitch off/on your debit card temporaryBlock the debit card permanentlySet transaction limitsView loyal points earnedApplicable for all debit cards linked to your account
BHIM PaywizIt is the payment app that works on UPI(Unified Payment Interface) technologyYou can use it for your IDBI and Non-IDBI bank accountsIf the customer does not have a bank account with IDBI bank, then also he can  use the app
BHIM Digital POSAvailable to merchants registered with IDBI BankCollect payment from customers through UPICollect payment through customers AADHAR number and fingerprint authentication
Bharat QRMerchant app to collect payment through Bharat QR codeAmount specific dynamic QR codeAccept payment through BHIM UPI, Visa, MasterCard, and RuPay card

Benefits of IDBI Mobile Banking

Below mentioned are the benefits of IDBI Mobile Banking:

  • Account holders can keep themselves updated with the status of their bank accounts on a frequent basis.
  • As the customers are well informed about the transactions they make, they get to know in case of unauthorized transactions, preventing them from fraud.  
  • Bill payments have become easier with mobile banking.
  • It is economical and free of cost.
  • It allows users to transfer funds to different bank accounts.
  • It functions on 128-bit SSL using a VeriSign portal highlighting high-end security.
  • It operates on an intrusion detection system (IDS) that ensures supreme security associated with transactions.
  • For authentication and validation purposes, users are sent OTP that requires approval of the customer to complete the transaction.