how to write a check with cents

How To Write A Check With Cents

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It is very simple that how to write a check with cents. The amount in dollars is written in a simple way and cents are written down by dividing by hundred 100. Let’s have an example of the amount $150 and 45 cents total $150.45.

how to write a check with cents

While writing a bank check, many people do not know how to write a check with cents. After explaining the way of how to write a check with cents, it is very necessary to know compulsory information about these below mentions things related to check;

  1. What are check and their types
  2. The date on check/cheque
  3. Payee information on check/cheque
  4. Payment section in figures
  5. Payment section in words
  6. The signature section of check/cheque

1.     What is check and its types

Check is the physical piece of paper as mentioned in the above picture. It is issued by the bank to the holder of that account and it shows information about Bank Name, Branch Code, Account Number and Account Title, IBN Number etc.

a.      Bank Name:

It is the name of that particular bank that has issued the check to the account holder.

b.      Branch Code:

The branch code is the code number that helps to deduct the geographical area where the bank is located/situated such as city, town, street, floor, etc.

c.      Account Number and Account Title:

The account number of the bank account is the number in which the account is laying in the database of the particular bank. usually, it consists of more than 10 digits to avoid duplication. While Account Title shows the holder name of the particular account.

IBN Number :


International Bank account Number is called IBN which is used to identify an account internationally. It is usually written at the bottom of the check/cheque.

Check Types

There are few types of check according to their usage such as open, crossed, pay

order/banker’s check and traveler’s check.

a.      Open Check/Cheque:

An open check is able to be cashed from the counter of the bank to obtain money by hand. It is used when the payee does not have a bank account.

This type of check can not be cashed. It is only cleared or transfer to the payee’s bank account only which helps to secure the payment process

b.     Crossed Check/Cheque:

Crossed Check
Pay order or banker check is issued by the bank in favor of someone on the request of someone. Bank charges its fee along with the payee’s amount to issue it that’s why it hardly gets bounced or dishonored.
c.       Pay order/Banker’s check/cheque:

d.       Traveler’s Check:

The traveler’s check or TC in the form of a check for immediate payment.

Traveler’s Check

2. The date on Check

The date on the check is very important. It is informed to the payee on which date s/he will be paid. Before the date mentioned on the check/cheque, it cannot be passed by the bank.

3. Payee Information on Check/Cheque

It is another important thing that payee information must be clearly written on the face of the check otherwise it can be rejected by the bank to pay off.

4. Payment Section in Figures

The amount which is paid off to the payee must be written clearly and matched with the amount in words too otherwise the check can be bounced or rejected by the bank.

5. Payment Section in Words

Similarly, the amount in words must also be matched with the number of figures. It is very essential to clear or pass the check to pay the payee.

6. Signature Section on Check/Cheque

Last but not the least, the payer or accountholder signature must clearly be matched with the signature in the database or ERP software of that particular bank account otherwise banker will reject the check by issue a memo of sign differs.

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