How Long is Personal Cheque Good For ? Expiration Date of Check

How Long is Personal Cheque Good
How Long is Personal Cheque Good
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How Long is Personal Cheque Good For

A personal cheque is a slip of paper provided by a bank or institution. This allows you to make payments from your bank account to that of a person or organization.

Generally, a cheque is good for (6) six months. But there are certain exceptions, and there’s no guarantee that banks will refuse checks after that time. The UCC, which most states use as a state law model, states that banks are not required to respect old checks, but may do so under certain conditions. Finally, it may depend on the nature of the check required and what the bank decides to do.

If a check is given to you, it is most beneficial to cash it in or deposit it as soon as possible. If you hold the cheque for yourself for a while, you run the risk of changing your account number or routing number, or the check clerk may have overlooked the check and may spend money on something else. You may need to pay a return check for this.

How Long are Different Types of Checks Good For?

Be remember that different kinds of checks have their own expiration date and may vary from each other. The 6-month is a common rule, but that doesn’t implement on all types of cheques and money orders.

Cheques Expiration Depends on the Bank Policies:

While the bank does not have to honor to take a cheque without permission, it depends on the bank what happens next. The bank may choose to give you some latitude, especially if the cheque is just a few days late. And, the cashier/teller may not even look at the date on a cheque, so there is a chance it will get cashed.


Cheques are a quick and easy way to receive payment, but what will happens if you forget to deposit them? Or you lost invalid time? Like most things in life, at some point, they’re going to expire. The maximum length of time you have to cash a personal cheque is regulated by federal law that is six months. And California does not have any laws that reduce or extend this period. However, some banks may give you a little time if you forget to cash your cheque by the deadlines

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