Get Paid To Play Games: Apps and Websites That Make Gaming Profitable

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Gaming has evolved significantly over the years, transcending from mere entertainment to a potential source of income. In recent times, the concept of “get paid to play games” has gained considerable traction, offering gamers a chance to monetize their skills and passion. This article delves into the world of pay-to-win gaming apps and explores new avenues such as cryptocurrency-based games that reward players for their gameplay.

Pay-To-Win Gaming Apps:

Pay-to-win gaming apps have surged in popularity, presenting players with an opportunity to compete against others for cash prizes. These apps typically require a small entry fee to participate in tournaments, where the accumulated prize money can range from a few dollars to tens of thousands. Let’s explore some notable pay-to-win gaming apps.


Skillz stands out as a tournament platform that enables gamers worldwide to compete for cash prizes. To enter cash tournaments, players must deposit funds into their Skillz account using various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal. Notable Skillz games include Blackout Bingo and Solitaire Cube, offering potential cash prizes of up to $755 and $200, respectively.


WorldWinner combines free and paid games but primarily operates as a paid app for those seeking to earn money through gaming. Players can participate in tournaments by paying an entry fee, with the prize money being added to their WorldWinner account balance upon victory. Cash-outs can be made via PayPal, prepaid debit cards, or checks. It is worth noting that WorldWinner operates on a pay-for-play model, resembling an online casino rather than a direct cash-earning platform.

GSN Casino:

Similar to WorldWinner, GSN Casino offers a suite of paid online casino apps where players can compete against others for cash prizes. Players can select their preferred game and view the number of participants, cash prize amounts, and entry costs before joining. Prize money is credited to the player’s GSN account and can be cashed out through PayPal, prepaid credit cards, or checks. GSN Casino encompasses multiple dedicated apps, catering to various casino games.

Paid for Games

Get Cryptocurrency for Playing Games:

Apart from pay-to-win gaming apps, a new trend has emerged, wherein players are rewarded with cryptocurrency for their gameplay. These games often revolve around non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital items secured by blockchain technology that hold value and can be sold for USD or traded for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here are a few notable cryptocurrency-based games:

Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based game, draws inspiration from the Pokémon franchise. Players hatch and raise creatures called Axies, which engage in battles with each other. Axies and other in-game assets can be sold for a cryptocurrency called SLP, which can be converted into Ethereum. Additionally, players can earn SLP through battling and completing in-game tasks. Axie Infinity has gained significant attention, with its in-game marketplace facilitating the trading of Axies and assets.


Decentraland offers a virtual world where players can purchase land, construct structures, explore, and interact with others. The game operates on a cryptocurrency called MANA, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or sold. The value of MANA has experienced significant growth, with the game’s virtual land parcels witnessing substantial appreciation. Players can leverage their investments in digital real estate to potentially earn substantial returns.

The Sandbox:

Similar to Decentraland, The Sandbox is an open-world land development game that allows players to create tradable in-game structures and assets backed by blockchain technology. Players can build unique experiences within the game, enabling interaction with the virtual world they’ve constructed. The Sandbox presents players with opportunities to showcase their creativity and potentially profit from the value of their in-game creations.