Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE

Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE
Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE
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What is Bajaj Finance Share Price? Who are the biggest Bajaj Finance Shareholders? Finance the latest news, Bajaj Annual Results and financials, Balance Sheet, and more complete track record of Bajaj Finance Limited NSE symbol BAJFIN Share Price, Live Chart. Valuation, Research Report, Financials, and more complete Bajaj Finance Ltd track record.

Complete Track Record of Bajaj Finance Ltd

Bajaj Finance Ltd. is an Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company operates through two segments: Corporate Loan Business and Consumer Finance Business. Corporate Loan Business offers loans to companies across Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE all major business lines, including engineering, infrastructure development, cement, textile, and other industries. 

Consumer Finance Business provides home loans to individuals to promote Bread Finance and affordable housing for retail investors in line with the government. Objectives include economic growth and reducing poverty through housing and small-ticket consumer durable loans such as bikes, scooters, and sewing machines. Bajaj Finance Ltd is a banking and financial services company listed on the NSE stock exchange. 

The bank offers personal homes, cars, bikes, etc. to individuals and corporate. The bank reported gross non-performing assets of Rs 438.73 crore and net NPAs of Rs 207.03 crore as of March 2017, with a net interest margin of 3.80% as of December 2016, which reflects that banks lending rates are higher than their borrowing costs due to decreased deposits and increased cost for funds from money market players leading to decrease in profitability for banks.

Quarterly Results Summary

The quarterly results summary is a financial report on Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE that details a company’s profits and performance over a quarter. In addition to reporting profit and loss, it usually includes balance sheets to account for assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity which are calculated as total assets minus total liabilities. It’s generally applicable for investors who track Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE and their stock’s performance. Still, it might not provide enough information for anyone who wants a more in-depth performance analysis. Bajaj Finance Ltd has reported its quarterly results today.

Bajaj Finance has reported its quarterly results today. The company recorded a net profit of Rs 90 crores for Q2FY18 compared to a net loss of Rs 16 crores in the same quarter last year. The total income during Q2FY18 increased to Rs 337 crore from Rs 244 crore in the same quarter last year and beat analysts’ estimate of Rs 323.3 crore as per data compiled by Bloomberg Quint. One can track stocks using nifty, historical prices, and livestock prices with book value and dividends included too with Yahoo Finance India’s complete guide on how to track stocks, including Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE live, Bajaj finance share price, and book value NSE. One can analyze stocks better when all one needs in one place and complete stock information in one place.

Key Stock Statistics

As of 24-May-2017, The P/E of Bajaj Finance Ltd is 0. The P/F Ratio of Bajaj Finance Ltd is 0. It is 2.97 times bigger than its current Pe ratio. The Shareholder Yield is -0.1, and Quoted volume stands at NSE in the last trading session and with a dividend yield. All these parameters are essential for share price movements and valuation. Therefore, checking them before buying or selling shares could be beneficial.

The Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE has been down -1.1% over the last week. It is 0.8 times bigger than its current 52-week high and 1.9 times bigger than its current 52-week low price. Its PE ratio is 0, while the Forward P/E ratio of Bajaj Finance Ltd is 0, which indicates an excellent value-for-money investment. We can also look at Bajaj Finance Ltd.’s quarterly performance: 1-Q-2017, 4.1; 2-Q-2017, 3.8; 3-Q-2017, 1.7; 4-Q-2017, 6.5.

The stock has dropped in the last five consecutive days with a change of -4.92% from 200 to 194 and registered 0 points in the last 100 trading days. A total volume of 7421852 shares was traded in the past three months, with an average trading volume of 5846887. 

Benefits of Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE 

Bajaj Finance Share Price NSE is one of the most popular stock markets in the world. The company’s share price is very volatile, but it has been on the rise in recent years. Many investors believe that Bajaj Finance is a good investment because it is a well-established company with a strong brand name.

The company’s share price is also likely to continue to rise as the Indian economy continues to grow. It benefits investors by giving them a place to invest their money and the chance to make a profit. The market also provides a way for companies to raise money to fund their operations.

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